What Are You Waiting For?

Ore : 11:41 AM

Do eet! DO EET NAU!!!

PS: And yeah, about the 850 Gonzales Goons deployed to those pesky "trouble spots": Where the fuck are we? El Salvador in the 1980s? Christ. And given the demonstrable partisanship and loyalism of the current Attorney General, as well as the track record of this administration, do we really expect them to pay more attention to, say, the purgings of voter rolls, the intimidation of perceived political opponents at the polls, irregularities with electronic voting machines, and discarded ballots than they'll pay to a handful of people who happened to have died between election cycles or, God forbid, to a homeless person who votes?

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AG voted absentee two weeks ago. AG is only waiting to know that the Democrats are going to take all the congress, senate and state house of Massachusetts!

Oh yeah, and AG can get alcohol at the supermarket! Goddamn anyone who trys to vote against it -- including that asshole Mayor Menino!

Okay, Mister. Now you've totally piqued my curiousity. Who are you? You can email me at johnnycake101@yahoo.co.uk to protect yourself...

PS. I'm pretty sure I know who...

I'm waiting for the first exit polls to get a better idea of who has the best chance of betting Rick Perry.

Dennis: Step by step, heart to heart, left right left, we all fall down...

elmo: Did you put Aquanet on as a write-in candidate.

We did it! We ROCKED the VOTE! Woo hoo!

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