Before I Die

Ore : 8:35 PM

I would like to meet Tori Amos. How is this possible? Circles and circles and circles again, I've come full circle with this fabulous bitch. I mean, I'm the guy who sings the first few bars of Mr. Zebra at the laundromat. Huge fan.

Where is she? Where can I find her and buttonhole her and give her a big, crazy-people hug? She really needs to open her own theme park, complete with a rickety wooden roller-coaster, a la Dolly Parton, but named "Datura." In short, are you my playboy mommy?

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Comments for Before I Die

I would by a season pass to Datura, and move to the most proximal city.

Something tells me she's still living in the UK. Cornwall, I believe.

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