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WTF? RawStory, Atrios, DKos -- what is with all my favorite Democratic/liberal blogs and Websites running those tacky ads?

And who the hell starts push-polling immediately after an election? I suppose we should be grateful: if, over the past eight years, right-wingers had spent as much time and effort trying to impelement their ideology as they did marketing it, our country would probably be a carcass-littered, uninhabitable wasteland.

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Oh, the "are you ready to kiss your paycheck goodbye" and the "ready to rumble with terrorists?" ads come to mind. I'd rather not host even the images here, but you've seen them around...

You need this. There might be ads on my site, but I'll never know.

I have played through the video game of the NeoCon Nightmare, it's called Fallout 3.

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