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Three thoughts:

1. From the front page of our local fishwrapping AKA The San Francisco Chronicle: "No game-changing moments in highly anticipated debate." Duh: Most viewers came away with their impressions intact that Biden is a smart if occasionally mistake-prone guy, and that Sarah Palin is in over her head.

2. Apropos that last bit: despite CNN polls showing most viewers thought Biden won the debate, pundits are still spinning it that Palin triumphed because she didn't lick Gwen Ifill's face after dropping her drawers and taking a dump onstage. File under Saw That Coming A Mile Away.

3. Cheney is a one-off, and has hardly set a precedent for redefining and aggrandizing immense amounts of power and influence to the Vice Presidency; this is still a position whose biggest responsibilities include breaking a tied vote in the Senate and looking frumpy at funerals. These guys aren't running for Master of the Universe -- Palin, if McCain proves victorious, wouldn't wield the power possessed by Evil-Lyn's hairdresser. Let's keep perspective, people.

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mccain is a maverick
like top gun
only he crashes his planes more

and was a POW. Don't forget that. It's important.

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