Happy Pride!

Ore : 12:07 PM

Definitely does not make me want to "womit."

And this year's Freedom Camp Golden Cornhole Award winners are:

Best Drag Name: Manna Montana

Best Porn Star: Logan McCree, pictured above (watch this SFW vid -- he definitely has the brains to go far in his industry! But seriously, he's dead hot.)

Best Comic: Margaret Cho (sorry Kathy Griffin, but you're seriously overexposed. Give Ass Master a chance!)

Best Gay-themed Movie: None of them! Queer cinema still sucks like your grandma at the docks (I'm looking at you, Strand.)

Best Enemy of the Homos: Every conservative right-winger who's ever been caught hiring male escorts or cruising guys in airport bathrooms.

And finally, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Superannuated Whores Who Refuse To Go Away: Madonna. Seriously lady, retire already.

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Comments for Happy Pride!
oh he can sit RIGHT THE HELL DOWN sur mon visage. Imm├ędiatement!


Teh, isn't the Best Comic category just a revolving contest between Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho? I mean, really. When was the last time that is wasn't one of those two?

You are just jealous because Madonna still gets more play than you!

Have my babies!!!!

That's a shitload of tattoos. LOL, I said, "shitload".

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