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I, whose generation grew up watching road warriors and killer comets and all sorts of post-apocalyptic fun, am nevertheless shocked that within my lifetime I'd see the beginning of global food riots...

Remember, kids: Aim for the head!

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"...food has been diverted to the gas tank...."

as though the pissant global production of biofuels from food is what tipped the balance.

They say Ireland had decent grain harvests (for english export) all through the famine, but the potato blight wrecked the food they could both grow AND afford to eat.

mdhatter, I read that somewhere too. Biofuels are nto really viable as it stands now, nor am I convinced that they will ever be. If we were to perfect cellulose bioreactors for processing the stuff we don't eat, we might be able to lessen the need for oils but that technology is close to ten years off, according to Wired from last fall. Even then, it would require a few more years (maybe 5-10, if I remember correctly) before we would have enough capacity to make much of an impact in the oil situation. If we devote arable land to the production of non-edible plants, we are just wasting the land because there are so many people without food.

Remember, kids: Aim for the head!

Normally I wouldn't comment on a post this old, but "aim for the center of mass" is far, far better advice.

Unless of course you were trying to give yourself an advantage by having others shoot for your head while you shot them center-of-mass... In which case, carry on.

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