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The worker, Roger William Hurd, told investigators he didn't know how the bomb got in his truck and was released Friday afternoon.
Ah, if only that name included "Muhammed" or, even better, "Hosseini" -- Michelle Malkin and the Little Green Fascists would have gotten weeks worth of posts out of this story. Considering all the seriously deep, stanky doo-doo on modern conservatism's plate, they need the distraction.

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When rednecks stop carrying explosives in their pick-em-up trucks, the terrorists win.

Well, if Joe Arpaio says the white man isn't guilty of anything, then the white man isn't guilty of anything. Don't all you niggers, queers, and wetbacks get your panties in a collective bunch about it, now.

Honest officer, I don't know how that T-N-T got in that there ve-hicle.

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