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- If Iraq is a sovereign nation, as the Bush administration insists, can Blackwater defy the Iraqi government if it orders them to leave?

- Can aggressive (ie, offensive) defense and bald-faced lying work for Mr. Prince the way it's worked for the Bush Administration?

- Can right-wingers who are Bush fans as well as fetishizers of the troops (always in the abstract, of course -- and yes, Floppy Curt, I'm looking at you)
reconcile these two aspects of themselves in light of this administration's favoring of firms like Blackwater?

- If privateers, mercenaries, and contracters are going to continue to be an integral aspect of America's military might, can deploying them domestically, as was done after Katrina, be considered an attempt to do an end-run around The Posse Comitatus Act?

I'm sure I'll think of more, but I have to run to work...

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Well, I figure if they refuse to leave then it's an occupation, and since Blackwater isn't a sovereign nation (yet) they can't declare war. Ergo, it's a terrorist attack and the US should remove them forthwith.

Yeah, right.

Is any of this going to interfere with my god-given freedom to shop for cheap plastic crap, stuff my face with processed foods, and vegetate in front of my big-screen HDTV?

If not, then I can't see why you unAmerican libruls are getting so worked up with your pro-Islamofascist conspiracy theories.

Hello, teh. Glad to see you banging away still. I'd be blogging more, but I have school and my stripping duties to attend to.

- Yes
- Yes
- Yes
- Who's asking?

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