How Could You Call Me A Racist? I'm Asian!

Ore : 8:27 AM

So after her disappointing reaction to the Rove dismis- ahem, I mean, resignation, I thought I'd visit Michelle Malkin to check up on her. She seemed so limp the other day, so lackluster -- her coat was dull and a bit on the mangy side (an allergic reaction to l'affaire Beauchamp, perhaps?)

But this morning she's back in form, and Jesse's clearly given her a big ass bowl of Kibbles & Fits.

Quick question, Michelle: Does "sovereign" mean the same thing with regards to America as Bush thinks it does to Iraq? 'Cos if so, we're screwed...

No, really. Though I'm loathe to give her traffic, go read the whole thing (no linky 'cos you're big boys and girls.) You can practically feel the spittle flying off your monitor.

No matter how deeply sad she is at movement conservatism's lack of, well, movement, you can always cheer her up with race-baiting tales of murderous Messicun illegals.

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Comments for How Could You Call Me A Racist? I'm Asian!
Bitch is like a dog, throw her a bone and she goes for it. I'd like to shove a steering yoke up her ass...

Oh, there's a conservative movement afoot. It's big and brown and looks a lot like a Cleveland Steamer.

so, it's a safe bet that a conservative pol who pushes morality legislation is gettin' some kind of freak on - what's michelle's dysfunction?

Her lack of self-awareness would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic.

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