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Shorter Byron York: "You know what a small wallet means, right? Small penis."

Lisa Schiffren: "Boobies are icky, and I can't wait to see Mitt Romney in a flightsuit."

Shorter Mark Krikorian: "Russians. Vodka. Ha! Take that, Goldberg!"

Mark Steyn: "Ooh, snap, the page containing 'hypocrisy' is missing from my dictionary. Here's what I think it means..."

Kathryn Lopez: "Nefarious liberals are in it only to keep out future Clarence Thomases."

David Freddoso: "I'm shocked that some unknown congressional representative would not renew his commitment to an ill-considered wingnut pledge in light of a changing electoral landscape."

Shorter Kathryn Lopez: "Ssssslurrrrp."

David Freddoso: "This anonymous e-mailer agrees with me: if your local schoolboard concludes that ketchup is a vegetable, there shouldn't be a goddamn thing the FDA can say about it."

Yuval Levin: "Hillary wants to sterilize black people. Vote Republican!"

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may I be the first to, er, jibber jabber.
  • Posted at 3:37 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

You may not.

Oh, bother.

i like the new look. Very clean header, and I mean that in a heterosexual way.
  • Posted at 7:40 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

what happened to the old freedom camp?

someone wallpapered over it to cover the semen stains?

The semen stains may be covered, but that quote at the top of the page proves this is still the Freedom Camp we all know and love.

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