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Ore : 8:50 AM

Yes, I'm back in the Shitty. Stressful move. My dogs are barking.

I'm kind of at a loss for an update -- anti-trans violence? Dick Cheney's latest outrageousness? A funny anal sex story? Whatever, I'll figure something out.

Start the new job Monday.


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How about a funny anal sex story involving Dick Cheney?

I'll add that my word verification for this comment is "hunng." I didn't know they were personalized.

I just have to say that this post title looked even more hilarious on the 3B Web roll.

Welcome back to the city, Teh.

I hate the 49ers, but I love you...

Congrats again on the new job!

How did you move so quick and find a place to live? I have four weeks and will need all of the time.

You get to live in fagsandcrisco? You're a lucky man.

golden state boy!

What part of town?

I have this vision that teh l4m3 is a dude who flies around SF in a blue and red cape with a yellow football helmet and calls people out on their choice of prostitute.

congrats on the new job!

Congratulations and good luck with the new job! I hope they're good to you!

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Mitchell's for ice-cream. Oh yeah. And Children's Fairyland in Oakland...well, you get the idea. Alas, the pizza and pipe-organ place in Hayward seems to have burned down.

SFCA: that's where they makes the COLT pr0n


is Gavin Newsome still the mayor? (hot)

I love the anal sex stories.

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