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It's a balancing act. They want me to start two days prior to the final date I've given my boss, the county librarian. Will she be angry? Will she hassle me, and give me guilt trips?


She's sad, and she doesn't want me to go. She's sad and frustrated, and is at a loss to find someone to replace me, but she puts a good face on it: "You need more money, and you need a dentist's appointment. I don't blame you one bit. Bless your heart."

No, bless your heart.


"I waited for thirty minutes, but you didn't show up."

"Oh, I was here. I was doing filing and stuff."

"But you didn't open the door."

"Well I wasn't open that day."

"Is it true you're going to leave?"


"But why?"

"Because, Patty, I found a new job, and they want me to start next week."

"Well I'm going to be sad. I love you."

"I love you too, Patty."


"What do you mean you're leaving? Do you know how sad this has made Patty?"

"Yes, I know."

"So why?"

"More money, benefits, you know..."

"No, I don't know. Why won't the county pay you full-time? This is really fucked up. I'm calling your boss."


"So you're leaving."


"Good. You're mean."

"Wait til you meet the new guy."

"What's the new guy like?"

"Mean. He's a substitute teacher. And he knows Spanish. He'll call you on your shit."



"I'm glad you're leaving."

"And I'm glad you're banned for the summer, bitch."


"Well I'm happy for you that you've got this new job with all these benefits and stuff... But what about my granddaughters? They adore you!"

"Any reference questions they better get in now, 'cos I'll be gone next week..."


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Comments for This Is It
I was going to congratulate you for this on an earlier comment, but I'll stick it up here where you can see it: congratulations on teh new job.

yes, good lucky and congrats to you.

That must feel good knowing the peeps are going to miss you. Good luck on the next career adventure!

Good luck at the new job, teh.

I'm so excited for you to start your new job! Enjoy all the extra dough.

I know it's a little late to comment on this but good luck with the new job.

I actually was searching for one myself last month and got an offer only to get a counter-offer from my current job.

I'll be working from home out in WI soon with the same company (which is slightly easier than the stress of a new job).

Best of luck and hope for some more deets when available.

Not only am I glad you got a better job, I am TOTALLY glad that it's not with the Military!

Yeah. That's right. I've been a total freakin' blog-slacker and Just Found Out you're BACK!

Good to read ya 'gain, biátch! :)))

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