The Kind Of Shit He's Facing

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So in the last post I showed you utter, no-holds-barred HOTNESS!

Exhibit A...
...And Exhibit B -- We the jury find the defendant skillet-licking hottt!

In this post, I'll show you some screenshots from you-know-who to give you an idea of the kind of good and wholesome, patriotic citizens he's up against...

End welfare now? Whatever you say, Bub! I mean, who isn't tired of those Negro ladies in their taxpayer-bought Cadillacs???

Yes, and wouldn't you know it, the funny business involves guys in black helicopters. To put a finer point on it, they wear blue helmets!!!

I've got a lot of absurd and ignorant bullshit about what the military can do to civilians; it's all ground into my carpet. Thank God I've emptied my Harry Reid. Now I can vacuum!

Somehow, AlaskaErik, I doubt the VA would ever do anything about your particular kind of discharge...

So should you, stuartcr. Oh, wait...

I think it's safe to assume said guys won't include MeanWestTexan AKA Yosemite Samchickenshitinanonlineforum.

I guess it doesn't. Unless, that is, you're Charles Whitman.

And yeah, so there was a hole in the onion-shaped thingie... BUT THE MOSQUE IS STILL STANDING. EAT IT AP!!!

...You get the idea.

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Comments for The Kind Of Shit He's Facing
The sad thing is this sounds like the ravings of a schizophrenic, not like a recitation of news headlines. Assuming there's a difference.

They're all just jealous that Adam has bigger balls than them...

Once again, conservatives display their weird belief that the best way to show you love America is to show how much you hate some of your fellow Americans.

He's cute and all, but AG is no fan of the tats.

Sure he's a good-looking guy, but can he cook?

Who knows? He's also a pussy hound, apparently. I'm devastated.

PS PT, I can't comment at your place at all!!!

severe heat wave, indeed

PS PT, I can't comment at your place at all!!!

I know. My wife said I can't have any more gay friends. Says she's worried about me, particularly with Pride Week coming up soon.

Seriously though, I don't know what the problem is. Something I'll have to look into.

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