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Since the Navy (and by extension, the Marines) kicketed mah po ass out (albeit graciously and as gentlemen -- no complaints of bigotry here), I've sent a few e-mails out.

Guess what: I have a job interview at 3:00 PM tomorrow that I can't make because all my rides pooped out.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.


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Comments for Goddamnit
That blows dude.

WOO-HOO! Never mind. I got a ride!


Seriously, good luck.

good luck!

Go get 'em, Tiger.

Knock 'em out! Not literally, of course.

How exciting! We need full details of the interview.

Getting killed so that someone else may not get killed is - maybe noble, but, I don't know - suicide by proxy? As a vet I went though a thought process in signing up, and it was complex: personal values v. social stigma v. making a statement v. personal freedom v. the Uniform Code of Military Justice v. the opportunity to speak as a veteran v. the image of your family lowering you in to a hole in the ground...

Right now is the wrong time to join. You can be so much more effective outside the military if you take up, as a civilian, the issues that are most important to those currently serving.


P.S. And of course, as you know, I love you, man.

You should set up one of those paypal buttons....I know I would've kicked in bucks for cab fare for sure.

Any job that doesn't involve killing people, getting shot at, and having to wear flared-leg white pants with a matching hat is a GOOD job.

Seriously - WHITE pants?!???!!!?

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