Okay, Just One...

Ore : 11:44 PM

Q. Why did the sperm whale suckle on the submarine?

A. Because he liked the taste of seamen!!!@!1!@!!11!!

Bwah, ha ha ha haaaaaa!

Okay, just kill me.

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Comments for Okay, Just One...
We'd never kill you. We love you and your corn-hole jokes.


God, I hope you posted this from Basic Training and the military tracks it and then send you home. For your sake. And ours because we don't want to find out you got blowed up.

because we don't want to find out you got blowed up.

Although blown is probably okay.

Blowed up.

You mean teh's inflatable?

Well, I'll be damned! Welcome back!

You know, I've never actually had any seamen.

Okay, time to 'xplain yourself to us WTF you have been hiding. You've been missed.

I can't believe I'm just finding out about jism nation now. Oh well. I have a contribution (and it's not the pic I sent you)... Roman Ragazzi dot calm. It's jism-free, but the guy is hotternhell.

We've been pretty lazy about posting, MR

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