Lady Sailor...

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...May have been "coerced" into saying the Brits had trespassed. No word yet if the coercion took the form of ersatz menstrual blood being smeared on her, rape, "stress positions," waterboarding, or chemical lightsticks being stuck up her ass.

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Off topic and all:

DAHLING, I just LAHVE your new profile image!

How do you host yours?

listen, the Americans are not like Saddam was, okay? Their creed is extreme and backward-looking, yet their methods are modern and sophisticated. Their leaders use the Internet and television to spread propaganda, to find new recruits, and they're employing every other tool of communication and finance to carry out their plans. It's odd to think of ideologues out of the Crusades having a modern media strategy, but the fact is they do. They take videos of their attacks and put them up on the Internet to get them broadcast on television. They send messages and images by e-mail and tell their followers to spread the word. They wage war by stealth and murder, disregarding the rules of warfare and rejoicing in the death of the innocent. And not even the instinct of self-preservation is a restraint. The Americans value death the same way you and I value life.

Civilized, decent societies will never fully understand the kind of mind-set that drives men to invade and sovereign nations or to allow horrible sanctions against a nation of innocents: men, women and children who they have never met and who have done them no wrong, but that is the very kind of blind, prideful hatred we're up against. And their aim ultimately is to acquire the means to match that hatred and to use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to impose their will by unspeakable violence or blackmail. An enemy that operates in the shadows and views the entire world as a battlefield is not one we can fight with strategies used in other wars.

chuckles: yahoo! of course. ARDALA 4EVAH!!!

dex: wait... I thought we were Americans!

Chuckles doesn't work as a drag queen.

Video over at RoD worth viewing!!

My guess is from the pictures is that all the coersion it took was to offer her a cigarette.

"Lady sailor", indeed.

teh teh, how come you are no where to find anymore?!!

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