On Playing Russian Roulette With Loaded Language

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Partial Girth
If you want links, google the language I have pulled, as it is unedited and unaltered. I figure the fewer hits some of these yahoos get, the better:

I'm about as anti-abortion(recreational abortion) as anyone...

Why not support birth control or even recreational abortion?

I do not support recreational abortion. However, rape victims, pregnant teens, high risk pregnancies etc should be given the right to choose...

One conservative pundit noted recently that slavish devotion to recreational abortion seemed the only common policy of the left...

It’s interesting to me to see so many folks (especially our ECUSA leaders) defend someone who has a recreational abortion...
Let's just talk about this phrase, "recreational abortion." Using it makes one a real culture warrior, at the vanguard -- an offensive player in more ways than one. Way to take the fight to those immoral sluts. Way to play your dogwhistle backwards.

What precisely the fuck do people who say that think happens in the operating room? "Nurse, pass the calipers...and the appletini pitcher!" What, do they think the woman gets a string of Mardi Gras beads for every bloody fetus part that comes out? Do they imagine some sort of dialatin' and evacuatin' hootenanny -- a "ho-down," if you will?

Now I know I can be flip and glib and deprecatory and smart-assed about a hell of a lot of objectively serious issues, so maybe this is hypocrisy on my part, but still: can we all reach a consensus that a person who talks unironically about "recreational abortions" is unhinged and deeply unserious, and will have nothing to add to the discourse?

Really, they're children with matches and Jerry cans of gasoline. They're playing a very dangerous game with definitions and innuendos, and the sooner that red-hot wire coat hanger comes back to poke them in the ass, the better.

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I hear you can get a great massage in an abortion clinic. And they serve gourmet' meals and shit too...

I know me and my girl like to sit down to a nice, ralaxing abortion or two at the end of a hard work day.

This reminds me of my first gender studies course. Some idiot raises her hand and informs the instructor that "I don't have a problem with abortion, but using it as birth control is not right."

Then the best thing I ever heard in college came from the instructor, "Um, that's fine you had your statement, but abortion is birth control. So, I guess the problem is yours."

For some folks, idiocy in defence of stupidity is no vice.

Does that make a coat hanger a bathtub full of gin? Because Prohibition sure worked out well last time.

REI's abortion section is right next to the kayaks.

recreational abortions!! WTF is next? time-share abortions? jesus quintana on a crutch!

there's fucked up and there's fucked up!
  • Posted at 6:47 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

Ah yes, I remember the good old days. You know, heading out to Nag's Head for a couple of rounds of golf, then heading home. We would drop a couple of blotters and put on Dark Side of the Moon. Later we would cook up a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, a couple of hits from the Apogee (with mint water), and then it was off to the health clinic for a quickie abortion. Good times man, good times.

This offensive phrase brought to you by the same jerks who invented "lifestyle" as a code word to hide their bigotry.

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