Lucky Duckies Redux

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...Or, "The Proles Are All Right":

How can we close the gap? Well, I suppose we could round up a bunch of assembly-line workers and force them to mow the lawns of corporate vice presidents. Because the gap I'm talking about is the gap in leisure time, and it's the least educated who are pulling ahead.
Ho, ho! Take that, you underemployed mooks! (Cue multifarious conservatarian postings of "Heh, indeed.")

I mean seriously, does he think people are spending their wealth of free time taking Celebrity Cruises? Supervising the maids' dusting their first-edition Katherine Mansfield anthologies over tumblers of single malt? Does he think they can afford even a putt around the local mini-golf course?
Not bloody fucking likely. Leisure time doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot when you don't have two Reagan dimes to rub together.

But whatever helps people who don't have to scrounge around dumpsters to find recyclables sleep at night...

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Comments for Lucky Duckies Redux
But it's alright, you see, because executive pay has climbed at a much higher rate than that of rank-and-file employees. And this proves that it's deserved.

Steven E. Landsburg is deeply, deeply stupid. And possibly evil.

OT: We have hotties and Res birthday celebrations today.

You might be able to get new materials for your porno blog.

don't forget this gem: Our happiness depends partly on our incomes, but also on the time we spend with our friends, our hobbies, and our favorite TV shows.

that right, folks! The good old The Poor are Happier!!! canard.

I feel so sorry for the unhappy, rich guys. No time to watch thier TV.

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