Of Lucky Duckies and Republicans

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“...[O]ne of the key measures of a society’s health is how easily you can insulate yourself from its underclass.” - Mark Steyn.

Katrina, no FEMA trailers for tornado victims, Walter Reed, the decades-long jihad against public education, opposition to minimum wage and healthcare reform: These are all symptoms of rampant Republicanism. I'm going eschew handy neologisms like conservatarian, propertarian, movement conservatives, libertarians and what have you -- they have their place in any dialogue, but let's call a spade a spade. Let Instaglenn hedge on his favored pigeonhole all he wants; the problem has become the party through which all of these weirdos like him achieve their political parity.

Don't think I come at this with unrealistic expectations: should we retain a Democratic majority in the Congress after, say, Senator Clinton takes the Oval Office, we won't see an end to metastasized militarism, free healthcare for everyone, and all the rainbow-colored ponies we can ride. I'm not so optimistic that I see a national election as anything other than an attempt to find the least among several evils. (I just keep perspective: politicians are manipulative and often self-serving? Ooh, that's ground-breaking; but how then should we characterize royalty? Plutocrats? Military dictators? Oh, and yes, if you're a
30-percenter, don't bother answering that.)

Republicans since the fall of Nixon have not only failed to apprehend representative democracy, they don't even comprehend the nature and purpose of government itself -- they are incapable of governance of any stripe.

The rub I'm getting to is this: let's for starters keep in mind that, thanks to regressive taxes and a barbaric, unjust income tax scheme, a hugely disproportionate amount of tax-revenue comes from the
American poor and middle class, and Doctor Pat "BB guns and adult diapers" Santy's fear of the Left's Borg-like collectivism notwithstanding, they ought to see something in return. Considering the billions we all of us pour in every year, there's no reason to raid Social Security. There's no real reason Deamonte Driver should be dead, except for the perennial, sociopathic machinations of the kind of people who write for and read the National Review (WARNING: Safe for work, but exceedingly vile).

There's plenty of money, but it's all going to
kickbacks and graft among our elected leaders and the military industrial complex. There's money for you if you write sycophantic lies on behalf of the AEI, but not if you do actual investigative journalism. There's money for you if you're a food services contractor who gives U.S. soldiers and Marines the runs, but don't expect to keep your paycheck if you're a USDA inspector who actually tries to do his or her job. There may even be money for your soup kitchen, as long as your clients accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.

You get to pay the Republicans' cronies, but there's nothing for you...

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Comments for Of Lucky Duckies and Republicans
OT: Teh you have helped SadlyNo get the upper hand over TBogg. I would demand compensation.

Nice post. Very well done, Teh.

Today, on the local news, a relative of a recently killed Marine looked straight into the camera and said, "I'm sad but at least he died defending his country."

I have no words.

At least the Marine gave something to his country. These "cronies" you describe aren't fit to breathe the same air.

A very fine read! Your writing is quite crisp and beautiful.

Thank you.

Mark Steyn's quote is suspicious. Is he trying to say a healthy society insulates itself from the underclass or is he trying to say that an unhealthy society is insulated? I would say that the insulation of one class from the problems of another is unhealthy.

The Human Steyn has a problem, among others, with coherence.

Oh, and Smarty, maybe they, tragic loss notwithstanding, one of those 30-percenters who see Iraq as "our country," ie a colony, or some sort of American possession like Guam or Puerto Rico.

Great way of putting the "our country". I hadn't honestly thought of that.

Good point, Teh.

Awesome post, Teh. I like the way you used the corn in there for texture.
  • Posted at 8:17 PM | By Anonymous malaclypse the tertiary

malacalypso! I haven't seen you around in months. And even though conservatives are strongest when dealing in fecal jokes, your contribution is the commentary equivalent of a cricket twitching its leg after someone's poisoned it.

Stunning riposte, mon petite Duchamp! Avoir la chair de poule! Go on wit yer bad self; your audience truly waits for Godot.
  • Posted at 6:46 PM | By Anonymous malaclypse the tertiary

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