And We're Shocked?

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What a tragedy this might have been...
Yet more proof, ladies and gents, that Shaitan takes care of his own...

Oh, and if you ever needed even more evidence of his devilry, this quote is worth its weight in evil gold:
“They clearly try to find ways to question the authority of the central government,” Cheney said of Taliban insurgents. “Striking at Bagram with a suicide bomber I suppose is one way to do that.”
Yes, suicide bombing is just another way of questioning authority. In other words, Code Pink and veterans who demonstrate against the Iraq war are the moral equivalent of suicide bombers.

Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, Jeff Goldstein, Ann Coulter, et alia: These aren't merely isolated fringe elements who operate in a vacuum, folks.

UPDATE: Just so we're clear, folks, I don't mean just a little
evil. (Read the whole thing, especially the last three or so paragraphs.)

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Comments for And We're Shocked?
Holden Caulfield was the first suicider, what with his insolence. More like Jihadi in the Rye, if you ask me.

Glad nothing happened to the nice older man.

I could only get through the Malkin link. Absolutely ridiculous attempt to create untruths and drama in the minds of their unquestioning, ignorant audience.

Classic blunder by Al-Qaeda -- you can't use conventional weapons against the undead.

On an unreleated note, my word verfiication for this comment is like a goddamned IQ test.

Tru dat Smarty!

So Darth got to eat and sleep in a warm place and the press got shafted and starved...what an asshole.

elmo: shafted and forced to rely on care packages sent troops by, among others, Boy Scouts. Like seriously, seriously evil. "Breakfast was excellent" my ass.

Pffft. Only a wooden stake through the heart could bring that man down. And guess what, Taliban? He has no heart! That's how crafty Dick Cheney is!

Suck on that, terror lovers!

I got ya teh, the demon has no conscience...a sort of, psychopath, if you will...

I'm not sure about that teh teh or Elmo. You have read about Karl Rove? He makes Cheney look like the priest at the boy scout convention.

He makes Cheney look like the priest at the boy scout convention.

Now that is really dirty.

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