Tasteful And Not At All Shameless

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Well, they both had a King George.

that dumb fuck would compare tgwot to the clone wars if his handlers believed it would activate some frames.

is there no history safe from this administration?

Does this comparison extend to the tearful resignation of the Commander in Chief before a grateful Congress?
  • Posted at 2:48 PM | By Anonymous mdhatter

Sure, crossing the Delaware is the same as picking up your drunk daughter with her underage ID at an Austin bar.

Perhaps he could now repeat a Nixon moment and we can get a picture of Cheney much like Kissenger on the front lawn that glorious day in August of 1973.

But I thought the whole point of all the Draconian legislation was that the Revolutionary War was fought with muskets, while terror wars are fought with nukes and information?

I just can't keep up with the rationales these days, I found it easier to cope with when T.W.A.T. was a re-run of WWII.

So who exactly is George III in this scenario? And in what way do the American armed forces resemble embattle militias and guerrillas? And are Al-Qaeda one of the world's military superpowers?

In fact, what the fuck? This makes no sense at all, you might as well compare T.W.A.T. to Godzilla vs. Mothra, since that's equally relevant to the modern age.

Do not defame the Gojira.

what a fucktarded asshat.

what a fucktarded asshat.

It would have been tacky, but it was saved by the hat...

This is a joke, right?


Nuh, uh!

No way!


Oh shit.

Plus, Arabs weren't even invented until way after Lincoln retired.

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