Uh Oh. The Pressure's On

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The natives are getting restless about my moving to the NEW BLOGGER. Before I decide whether or not to do that, a quick aside:

The official moderating the briefing said the intelligence analyst was the reason for the secrecy. He said it would be dangerous for the analyst, an Iran expert, and his sources to be publicly shown or identified.
You just know the "Iran expert" in question works for a right-wing think tank, and probably publishes columns at the National Review, right?

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It's Jonah Goldberg's dog, Ho-Ho.

wtf? is something wrong with old blogger?

Remeber Coke II?

Whoever he/she, is they're the next fall guy/gal

The source is a Ouija board they're using to talk to the Shah.

I was happy with the New Blogger move. Not a world of difference but definitely better. Easier to post, not as finicky, and much, much easier to manage your template.

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