You Like My Body?

Ore : 2:07 PM

Find me one person who didn't see this coming a mile away, and I'll show you someone who's deaf, blind, and has been living in a cave for the past decade.

Like Marilyn Monroe, but without the brains, the class, the talent, or the looks.
HOOOOOWWWWWWAAAAAARD! I'm dead. Where's my tekeelia?

And of course, I detect the fey fingerprints of kittenish fruitpie Bobby Trendy all over this.

Poor Marshall. Death was no shield...

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I don't know. Somehow I feel my most American when a celebrity dies. Collective b-list morning is what connects me to my fellow man. Why A Nicole S, God? Why? Wouldn't Nicole R hve been easier to take to heaven or burn in Hell? Poor little maybe eventually rich girl. I guess "guess?" is all there's really left to say.

at my most; mourning; have; fucking hefeweizen, mann...

I was at work when I heard about this. Love her or hate her, that's all anyone talked about for the next 15 minutes or so.

And what's up?


Oh, and I'd like to recycle my comment from several months ago about Americans and monarchy.

teh teh, you should be ashamed of yourself. Regardless of how you may feel -- she is dead. She lost her son last year too.

Be a good citizen. This is not an acceptable post.

trimspa indeed.

Marilyn who?

I hadn't realized she lost her son, but her two potential ex-husbands are fighting for custody of her infant daughter... something i'd like to believe had nothing to do with the millions ANS may or may not have had coming to her - but as far as I can tell neither one will submit to paternity testing....

god bless america

I feel sorry for the baby.

I am with Dennis on this one.

Mdhatter, actually one of the guys WANTS a paternity test. He thinks that he's the father and wants the test to prove it, but Anna Nicole didn't want for the baby to have the paternity test and a court had to order for her to allow the testing.

Teh, that last line was just wrong...and very, very funny.

Why are we not supposed to speak ill of the dead? They're dead. Either they can't hear us or have much bigger fish to fry than snarky blog jokes. Not to mention it's hard to feel sorry for people hell bent on killing themselves. Her son dying was sad. ANS, not so much.

Thank you Brando. AG is as usual too touchy. Here's the deal: I'm being as glib and flip about her death as everyone else was about her life. Truth is, I don't think she was evil or anything, but she was certainly symptomatic of what is so wrong with America. But it's not as though she's like, Jeane Kirkpatrick or something -- now there's a grave worth pissing and dancing on.

Anna Nicole, poor soul, was just a white trash sister without a whole lot going on upstairs, and who found herself being used a lot by plenty of creepy people.

And I've got to say, I'm really with Will Bunch on this one...

Hey Teh...did you change email addys on me or something?

There was actually a nice post about ANS over at PETA.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who immediately suspected the nefarius Trendy.

I always felt a little sorry for her, though.

teh teh, death just isn't funny. As soon as the news reports someone has died -- AG steps away. The family and friends deserve the privacy. AG affords that. It's the honorable and right thing to do.

AG: Would you step away if someone said Hitler died? Didn't think so.

Too bad he's still alive.

Too bad for you Jews, anyway...

AG just doesn't relish anyone's death. Not even Hitler. AG doesn't find some things funny. Death is one of them. Especially a death that leaves a small child behind.

AG was only sharing her thoughts. That's what we do here. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. It's totally fine.

At the end of the day, we have too much we agree on to be bitter kittens about this one. You know, like wanting to make-out with Fish-a-licious.

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