Protection Racket

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Perpetual war means only sometimes not supplying your enemies...
Really? As of when?

Okay, this is one of the many little skeptohurdles over which pro-war types must pump their pudgy legs whenever trying to sell me on Vietnam or Panama or Grenada or Iraq or Iran: Obviously, the country in question can't be all that grave a threat if a) at various times, the tinpot dictator in question has been a CIA asset or b) our military-industrial complex has a history of arming that country.

"Oh no! The Shah is gone!," they cry, clutching the lapels of their fur-lined greatcoats and letting their monocles drop against their ascots, "Our favored puppet is gone, fallen to that dastardly Islamic revolution! Oh, for woe!" And then? They go ahead and
sell weapons to that Islamic revolution (for those wingnuts taking notes: a demonstrably treasonable action) in order to finance their proxy war against Sandinistas. Color me less than sympathetic, and less than impressed by their bona fides.

They come crawling to our curbs -- or at least, their gold-plated Phaetons do -- and insist that they need our hard-earned money to train and arm the Mujahideen. Those brave freedom fighters are going to defeat the evil Soviets in Afghanistan, after all! And no, of course there will be no blowback years later from this.

They tell us we must topple Saddam. He has weapons of mass destruction, and is a threat to the US and our allies.
Balsa-wood drones dropping gas on the East Coast! Mushroom clouds over Manhattan! We express skepticism, but the media, what with all the plutocrat cock jammed in their mouths, cannot even get the story straight, to the point where my own father, who opposed the Iraq war for many good reasons, was sure that whatever weapons Saddam had (if he had them) were sold to him by the French or some other European government. Too few people are aware that his Mirages may have come from one country, but his gasses and other toys came from quite another.

And now that they've whacked another hornets' nest, they want our help to whack yet another. They continue to float trial balloons to see how a third war in the region would be received by us. But only now do they get around to
cutting off supplies of parts that can be used only by the military there.

Honestly now.

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And yet, the right-wing media, who, according to you, is in cahoots with the government, actually publishes this story on MSNBC, a tool of the administration's right-wing media machine.

Strange, that.

By the way, the "fur-lined lapels" and monacle references show you to be a person completely in touch with reality.

Where did I say the media were right-wing? Really, your "point" is on par with my saying, "And yet, the left-wing media, who, according to you, anonymous, is against the Bush administration, nevertheless published stories and uncritically regurgitated Republican talking points in 2002 and 2003 in order to sell the Iraq war to the American people." I have, at various times, accused the media as a collective of being corporatist, lazy, reflexive, easily boondoggled, and unreflective. Only in discrete, isolated incidences -- ie, with regards to particular journalists -- have I accused media outlets of being right-wing. I know nuance is hard, but try.

By the way, hyperbole frequently is out of touch with reality. That's the point.

PS thanks for the (unintentional?) spelling correction. Will update.

Oh, wait. I was right about "monocle." Never mind. Why do I pay such close attention to anonymous gulls?

Oh please teh, we can't let a little thing like patriotism or loyalty stand in the way of enormous profiteering now can we? It is unAmerican.
At least we can cover our losses with the sale of F-16's to Pakistan, a true nuclear power...

I love these anon people who come by and rant and rave but cannot figure out or are willing to leave a pseudonym. Can we get a user name, love? Don't be a Sean S. munch.

Fish, I'm turning you into the NSA. AG and the NSA will not tolerate your hatreds.

I'm ashamed to admit that I caught Rambo III on TV the other night, a fucking awful film if ever one was made.

Curiously enough, the film is dedicated to "the brave people of Afghanistan" - perhaps they meant somebody other than the Mujahiddeen.

How times change, eh?

ah, but flying one, the more they stay the same...

If I didn't know better, I'd think you're being cynical.

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