At What Point Did Talebangelicals...

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...Become as halal as lox schmeer -- the best false friend Israel ever had? I've been wondering this for a long, long while, and so many questions present themselves. There was a time when one went to the town pool, where a sign informed one "No Negroes, No Dogs, No Jews" -- and that sign was not painted by Unitarians, if you know what I mean. And up through the 80s and early 90s, the New World Order That Would Steal Your Bibles and Guns and Make Your Daughter Get an Abortion at the Hands of Her Newly Showtunes- and Anal Sex-Loving Brother, as it was sold to us by Rightwingers, had a defining component that was distinctly hook-nosed.

But then that all changed. When? And how?

Was it a sudden, peremptory about-face, blast-faxed and push-polled from the simoniacal penthouses of Robertson, Falwell, et alia, down to the hovels of the lowest clay-eating, Lost Cause crackers? Or was it a sort of mission creep? (Tangentially, at what point did the Manhattan/Beltway punditocracy -- in its perfectly understandable contempt for Manhattan and Beltway panjandrums -- take it up as one of their causes célèbre?) And is there a conscious choice to knowingly abet the most hard-line, rightist elements of Israel's government in the hopes that that nation would self-destruct, a sort of "Hoooo-EEEY! We gon' arma-gedd-it-on yet! Git 'r dun! Love it 'r leave it! Never forget! It's a HEMI!!! Heh, heh, stupid kikes..." and so on and so forth? Or is there any sincerity at all there?

In short, has someone somewhere compiled a timeline of this transformation? Oh, and what gives, anyway?

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My guess is that once it became no longer acceptable for your average Republican to be overtly anti-Semitic, the next best thing was to support those Jews whose sympathies best aligned with the conservative position. Now that the conservative position has become truly deranged, that encouragement has shifted to Israel's hard-right equivalent. Much like Pat Robertson with Liberia's Charles Taylor. Birds of a feather.

Stir in a sprinkle of batshit Armageddon theory and voila' - your toxic stew is ready.

Have you read Michael Wolff's column in the November 2006 Vanity Fair?

Let's not kid ourselves, it's pure political expediency.

See also, the hot, hot protest babes of Lebanon, who went from wondrous crusaders of freedom to expendable collateral damage and possible terrorist sympathisers in a matter of months.

The wingnuts' Israel-worship will be replaced by demonisation in a second, if the commissars so decree.

the real change more than likely occurred in the late 1980s: see, fundamentalist thinkers say that the bible has already laid out not only what history was, but the future is as well. they're divided into epochs called dispensations - for fundamentalist thinkers, history is not the story of mankind, but the story of how god and satan interacted with mankind. it's not driven by us, but by supernatural forces.

i don't have any primary sources in front of me, but i would bet my new set of werner herzog dvds that if you looked at some hal lindsey or lahaye stuff from around the fall of the berlin wall - the defeat of the soviet union and the seat of atheist communism and anti-capitalism - that would indicate the shift we see today. premillnennialists (millennial pessimists who say that end of days is upon us, cats and dogs living together, human sacrifice, mass hysteria, etc before christ can return), many of whom are fundies, would probably say that israel plays a role in revelations, and moving history to the next dispensation.

let me add, though, i don't speak from a position of authority. i'm doing lots of reading into fundamentalism and american religion for teh thesis, so i need to understand teh crazy a little more.

snag: but I wonder if they did it to foster Rightism's self-destructive tendencies in Israel, or is this true simpatico?

mr: Ooh snap, and I have a subscription too... I'll rifle through my back issues.

fr: I noticed that too. One minute they're praising the hot Lebanese tatas, the next, they're cheering the explosion of said tatas...

dex: v. v. informative. And I think you may be onto something in re the timeline...

Because, for real this time, the apocalyse is coming. And if jesus is going to come back, which he is any day now, all the jews need to be in Israel, so they can all die there at once, and we can be done with it. No-one likely to betray jesus will be left. And this is the key... we're in the country with the bombs to do it. Next week man. I swear it. Whoosh, horsemen, whoosh, apocalypse, whoosh, second coming, whoosh, rapture! You can have my car.

dex is definitely onto the proper timeline.

Remember all the Nostradamus BS about the "blue turban"? That started poopin' up when K'daffy {-; was all in the news and it really exploded, if you will, with the invasion - errruh - Liberation of Kuwait.

'Twas after all that when the Talebangelicals (nice {-; ) began to truly rapturously embrace Israel.

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