"First, they came for the John Birchers..."

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Sidenote: Can I just tell you how hard it is to find even one or two Chris Muir strips with dialogue that makes any sort of sense -- that has even an iota of internal logic? Not to mention the impossibility of finding one that doesn't feature generous expanses of exposed navel and tragic incidences of scoliosis. Anyway...

Miscegenation!!!  Where's Trent Lott when you need him?
Right. When the boxcars come, they won't come to cart away
Muslims and Mexicans, they'll come to cart away the global warming-denying, Aztlan-fighing Randroids.

But at least the Star of David-wearing conservatarians won't have to share their lice-infested concentration camp bunks with people wearing
pink triangles...

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Comments for "First, they came for the John Birchers..."
What a bunch invertebrates are these so-called conservatives. They spend half their waking hours spouting eliminationist-related speech, then get existentially defensive when someone wants them to own up to it. Talk about projection.

They've perfected the art of playing the victim though.

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt, radio address, Oct. 26, 1939

Go ahead and laugh, but when the Nazis round up all the Nazis it's not going to seem so funny.

i always thought chris muir was a pretty smart(as in car salesman) guy for being able to get in print an idiotic cartoon that is neither funny nor imaginative nor with any artistic merit.

and the bloody fucking nerve of the guy to call the democrats nazis!! after the republicans passsed law after law that were the equivalent of taking a huge stinking steaming crap on 200 million americans(i.e, population - (rich guys + 30%ers)


I am with Elmo.....Roosevelt said it best!

Muir's problem is that he is all about the message. The duck fucker that draws Mallard does the same thing. They think that cramming a bar-stool-level editorial against liberals into a strip featuring female/quacking asscracks is teh funny. You have to put the joke first, the point second. Otherwise it's not satire, it's just bad drawing.

Not to mention, Brando, for humor to be humorous, it must at some point touch on reality...

this is the comic where the female characters kiss each other and take showers for us for trucker hats and tank top shirts, right? because if it's that comic, it's totally rad! fuckin fairness doctrine!

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