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Hate to be all Harpy McHarperson on the whole merc issue, but this Discovery Channel's "Iraq's Guns For Hire" is a tad misleading. I mean, not entirely: yes, some of the mercs are sweet, earnest, apple-cheeked Lincolnshire lads. But others are internationally wanted war criminals who have committed rapes and murders in other conflicts.

I resent this attempt to make me sympathize. Yes, it's horrible whenever a human being dies as a result of his own stupidity, the venality of others, or the immutable exigencies of a world that doesn't care -- or some admixture of all three. And yes, I'll shed a tear for the Marine from Oakland who falls to an IED, or the Army Specialist who gets a slug from a sniper in Mosul. I simply cannot, however, bring myself to give much of a shit for mercenaries.

I mean, I hope the paycheck is all that and a bag of chips, but really, a guy ought not to expect too much from others when he embarks on this path -- he, if he wishes to be a
soldier of fortune, ought to make peace with how seldom fortune smiles.

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Tis true that fortune rarely smiles.

Nice post.

What are we going to do with 100,000 demobilized mercenaries?

(Jack Parsons de la Comics B*tchf*st)
  • Posted at 8:25 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

We can store them in Yucca Mountain, where we were going to put all that nuclear waste.

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