When You've Lost the Corner...

Ore : 7:59 AM

...Can Skid Row be far behind? Rich Lowry has been nothing but vaguely, tip-toeingly skeptical of the whole affair. Mario "Not So" Loyola is scratching his pointy head. And nobody wants to take credit for pointing to Krauthammer's blatant sedition (okay, his main excuse was really the Iraqi government, which is so, like, letting us down and stuff), but point to it they do.

Yes, Andy McCarthy may continue to clap and say "
I believe in fairies," but how long before the general malaise trickles down to Human Events or Blogs 4 Bush? Dolchstosslegende indeed.

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Comments for When You've Lost the Corner...
Dude, I don't even know how you can stand to wade through that crap and I live within miles of the Capital building.

Really, if even the people at the Corner are embarrassed by the whole thing, it's way past lost cause.

Blogs 4 Bush though? Only the cockroaches will be left by the time they see the light.

is that a bum link, or did nro send something down the memory hole?

chuckles: what can I say? I was short on time and material this morning.

snag: I'm sure K-Lo and O'Beirne are holding out hope...

md: which one? They may have scrubbed something -- wouldn't put it past them -- but we can't rule out an HTML oopsie on my part.

it's the krauthammer one.

Ooh hoo hoo snap.. They scrubbed it.

I love the "he wasn't being inconsistent by throwing out different figures" argument. Just when you think they can't surprise you any more.

Also megadittos to the Army's own manual saying we need a force the size of the entire Iraqi forces to handle Bagdhad. But seriously, what does the Army know about military operations?

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