So Old It's New Again

Ore : 9:25 PM

Forget retro -- this is a counterrevolution!


Iraq has gone the way of scalloped hems and wrecked jeans -- so last year!


This season, this year, there is a new name on everyone's lips, sharing the runways with the hottest models (and C-130s!) It speaks of new ways forward, but is redolent of ages past. And it moves with a secret violence, an animal passion...


This season, this year, Iran is the new Cambodia, Syria, the new Laos. And black, ladies and gentleman, is the new bag.


Who will you be wearing?

[H/T to fashion mavens Digby Donovan and Ann Wintourhouse.]

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Comments for So Old It's New Again
Who is wearing the Blue Dress this season?

I shall dress my young daughter in the colors of karmic doom (I gotta find what those are, of course). Or else I shall begin the process of sending her abroad before the well-deserved shitstorm hits.

mdhatter: Curt from Ace of Spacecadets.

CS: Dress her in courduroy and denim. Then send her to Sweden.

we (As in the whole world) are wearing blue dresses everyday.

only instead of a semen stain, it's radioactive fallout.

i fucking hate george W bush even more now. somethign i never thought possible
  • Posted at 7:58 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

it looks to me as though someone's having the best blogging week ever...

aif: Could be worse -- his sights could be set on Pakistan, then India... He'll kill a bunch of us before he kills you lot.

Dex: you mean like when Blogger exploded? Yeah that was a hoot


How do you make the words dance? AG so has to take an HTML class.

How do you make the words dance? AG so has to take an HTML class.

By not pressing the Login And Publish button twice. HAHAHAHA OOOH BURN AG!!!

Kidding: it's the [marquee] tag -- only not w/ brackets, you know.

It's going to be leggings and Iran this year.

Oh teh teh. You did read that AG is far more sick than usual this week! It's not nice to make fun of the ill.

Hey - I'd really like to get in touch w/ you (teh l4m3) about the Gaylord book charger thing. You posted about it a year ago, but I don't think you probably read comments to that thread anymore. And you didn't leave an email address I could find. Warning: I'm certified MSM. Traditional daily newspaper reporter, working on a story about library science. No joke. esung (at) newsobserver (dot) com. Cheers.
  • Posted at 3:32 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Eep! Run! It's the corporate media!!!

while he might like to, he couldnt possibly think about india/pak in that (destructive) way.

besides, russia and china, with their minty-fresh armies would be all "get off our backyard before we fuck you up, junior!"

and congrats on hitting the big time, teh! you're going to be a champion of lib.sci
  • Posted at 7:03 PM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

That Corp. media dude sounds like he's setting a trap!

Say, I'm a journalist from, let's just call it CBNSM. Have your girl call my girl, we'll meet for a couple of martinis and the biggest steak in town, set up an appearance for you on Fox and Friends.

You used to be real, man.

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