Oh. Em. Gee.

Ore : 9:48 PM

I can't believe little ole me started this. I mean honestly, I showed up on the thread originally as TomKat, complaining about my body Thetans -- it was, after all, a thread about small talk. Small talk: minor, dull, quotidian matters. So naturally I, as I am occasionally wont to do, took a moment to post as one of the dullest, most minor people on the Series of Tubes.

Big mistake.

teh knew when the Honored Matre's eyes flashed orange, he was done for...
Guards, he is an imposter! SEIZE HIM!!!

Newsflash, Ann: you have made yourself a public figure, and in doing so, have opened yourself up to satire and parody in the public realm. And it's not as though I'm shooting your SSN every which way; I used your name as an alias -- an alias that links, btw, to this url -- to headline a riff on Althousean partisanship, which is just about the oldest thing on the Web one can mock. Get some perspective, and come to grips. Really.

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What does she have like 100 Cray supercomputers scanning the net looking for references to her name?

Gregor Samsa did not post that comment. Please remove it immediately. (And Bravo Teh).

stir the pot!! go gurl!

Watch out, teh teh, she just might fly out to Cali and march into your library and threaten to break your reading glasses and their little chain, too.

If you don't have a pair of glasses like that, you should.

In her update she makes it plain that she thinks your comment was close enough to the mark to be taken seriously:

UPDATE: The blogger in question, instead of answering my email or being at all decent about it, has indicated strong support for the imposter commenter and thinks the whole thing is just funny, including my objection. On the positive side, he's now used my name so much that it makes the fakeness obvious, and his behavior shows that he thinks of me as the sort of huge celebrity who gets imitated all the time and everyone knows is fake.

Anyway, good work.

Heh heh. Thanks. Of course, it won't be great work until she links to Freedom Camp.

She never will, but...I'll be back...


I spend most of my time online trying to annoy people, but nobody ever takes the bait.

Maybe I'm being to obvious, or just picking targets who possess the slightest flicker of dim, animal cunning.

Thanks to you, a whole generation of Wisconsin law school students will end up thinking that the 1st Amendment says "Bloggers shall make no posts making fun of people."

Teh, that is awesome. I think she may even have less of a sense of humor than Hindrocket.

Oh great, Pinko's coming back! Yawn.

I love how she says it's unethical to blog as her. unethical. AG will show her unethical! And then some!

Unethical is when a company makes up data and then puts human lives in the balance trying to market its' products. Unethical is when you steal something from Home Depot then go back and return it for the cash and demand an apology from the cashier because he made you wait 20 minutes in line. Unethical is the war in Iraq on my tax dollars.

It is not posting as Althouse! Shouldn't she be teaching or grading papers? Seriously, does the University know how much time and resources she wastes on her lame blog?!!!

Hey, did AA actually e-mail anybody about it or just leave those comments?

I doubt it. Bradrocket would know...

I thought she claimed she e-mailed you. She deleted my comment about you winning the Golden Onion Wiener. (she didn't even post it).

Stupid is her art and she's continually painting her masterpiece.

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