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Ore : 11:54 AM

Journamalismist Heidi Collins: "Democrat-run Congress."

Not "Democratic-run." Your corporate media at work.

Glossy. Frosted. Stupid.

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Pat Robertson: "God has spoken to me." You know what, Pat? Two kinds of people hear voices: Saints, and the mentally ill. And you sure as shit ain't a saint.

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Just get the impeachment process begun, guys, that's all I want for Christmas since King George's thugs kicked out my two front teeth.


Doh! Remember the grease monkey guy in the shower? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Glossy. Frosted. Stupid." pretty much describes everyone I see on CNN/HN/MSNBC/Whatever these days. Except Glen Beck, who is neither glossy nor frosted, but who makes up for it with lots of extra "stupid".

Oh, yeah butchie, I should totally post another dirty sex story...

And Res, Glenn Beck makes me want to vomit.

Amen Sista!

you hate my freedoms

fatty: Yes.

In the case of CNN's Rob Marciano: "SLURP."

I'd so like to have him and Bill Hummer-I-mean-Hemmer in a sammich... aw yeah...

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