n00z h4xXx0r!1!!!@!

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ha! I want a cake frosted like Kates!

is that meatwad?

No no it's Siffy, the nefarious syphilis bug!

all it takes to arouse my interest are the words "Trojans" and "stuff"

The only thing that sucks 'bout "that team up North" gettin' whacked like a sack o' kittens on a rat-free farm is that it does kinda diminish my Luckeye's 3pt punking of 'em.

Oh well. The OSU is still gonna womp on Fla.

Man! What I wouldn't give for a piece o' Kate!

Umm.. Kate's cake. Yah. That's what I meant. Uh huh... Mm hmm... ;->

I love that.

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