One Good Reason To Be A '9ers Fan

Ore : 11:40 PM

So they're having another lackluster year. Still better than last year. And they kicked Bronco ass tonight.

But whatever else, they've got the
sweet and delicious Alex Smith:

Alex Smith Foundation was established to help kids recently emancipated from foster care transition to life in the adult world.)

Tangential and tragic post-script: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? This is severely fucked up. RIP, Mr. Williams.

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Comments for One Good Reason To Be A '9ers Fan
My my he is a hottie!

It may be the only reason to be a '9ers fan...

Hot Damn!

And he's from Utah.

good LORD

That Darrent Williams thing is Messed. Up. alright.

WTF is wrong with people?!!?

Happy New Year

Good lord.

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