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* Smoking's up, drinking's up, and the kids are in your medicine cabinet. Then again, they're getting deployed to Iraq in a couple of years, so who could blame them?

This almost makes up for her ching-chong bit. Almost.

* "I WANNA GO GET A COOKIE!!!" AH HA HA HAAAAA! (thnx, Vincent.)

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Comments for Dum-di-dum...
im in ur medicine cabinet, eatin all ur percocets :-)

Merry Ho Ho Ho, Teh!!

So, do "you people" actually claim Rosie, or is she kinda like Madonna with the Jews & British?

2. "Rosie" O'Donnell going off.

3. "Rosie" Perez imitation.

I still don't know how teens taking medicine ties in with the "Rosie" theme. I'll hang up and take my answer on the air. Anybody got NyQuil?

Used to use NyQuil to wash down Mom's Fiorinals but got rejected from the Army for a collapsed lung at 17.

Where the hell's my poster shot for the war on drugs?! Where damn them?!

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