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I entitle this one "Battlestar Blacktica"
'Humanity's children have come home to run a hair salon named Curl Up & Dye'
Because that's what it looks like when a Cylon poos on your head.

HobbitShrimpingSlags.com is an equal-opportunity employer, ya dig?
Mmmm...  Corns...
Ever hear of Aveeno? Dang.

There's even a place for The White Devil:
Let Victoria keep her filthy secrets.
Did she topple those pillars by herself?

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Did she topple those pillars by herself?

I'm afraid so. Eek.

your library is full of smut

that truly puts the 0 back in pr0n

Cut her hair and call her Samson.

Co-sign on the Hotghettomess site. Love the segment titled "Just Sad".

Snickering at the Aveeno slash dang line. I will not check that link. No.

Not to be a hater, but this is so 2005. Midniter blogged about this site last year !

this post is very enlightening! thanks teh!

never checking that link.

Never ever never.

This is why I really really love the internets. Thanks Al!

Yeah, that is so 2005. I can't believe you did a post about this site. According to AG, some guy I've never heard of blogged about it last year.

Pshaw Butchie! Midniter is one of two co-bloggers of AG's.

Oh...that guy.

the foot one made me barf a lil' bit

in my mouwf

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