My Weekend Was Fabulous...

Ore : 12:01 PM

...How was yours?

PS: Sorry I didn't call,
fulsome. Maybe next time, when there isn't so much damn xmas shopping to do.

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Comments for My Weekend Was Fabulous...
You are such a wimp sometimes. Just call your mother. How hard could it be? You pick up the phone and call. Just call her. Just call. She just wants to hear your voice. Call her. Who's it gonna hurt? She'll feel so much better. Just call her. Call.

/annoying new york aunt.

Call mother?

I'd rather be packing fudge...

Not that I had even that to do this weekend. Alas... just sat 'round, ruined some brownies (whilst teh Brownies got punked again) and worried 'bout a crazed friend on her adventurous trip home from the D after getting some "candy" for our NY's adventure.

If mom's worried, I'm sure she's got yer number.

Felice Whatchyagot!

is it a sex post? is this post about sex?

my weekend sucked, thank you very much. i had a meditation practicum and went drinking with vestal vespa and pined for the waitress with the bob cut. it was like a chapter out of jack kerouac, complete with the pining and the not-getting-laid.

this post begs further explanation--and detail

when vocation meets avocation?

I think teh l4m3 likes girls.

do you say fabulous cuz it is in the gay mandate (man-date.. get it?) to say fabulous at least once a day?

He certainly has more luck with them than you, Chuckiepants.

Love that photo! :)

I love how everyone thinks teh was gonna hook up with fulsome. It would have been for pork, not porking.

I never assumed anything.

I figured they were day laboring at a candy factory, but teh had seen that episode before and skipped out.

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