Operation Iraq Surge-ification

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While Bush is "crafting his Iraq policy," something he probably should have done, you know, before going into Iraq, I think we should read a quick passage from the good book of Zinn. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Some have criticized us for not trying even more force. Of course we could do this. No one in the world needs to be told how powerful we are. We can stay in Vietnam as long as we like. We can reduce the whole country to ashes. We are powerful enough to do this. But we are not cruel enough to do this [ahem. -ed]. I, as your president, am not willing to engage in a war without end that would destroy the youth of this country and the people of Vietnam. - Howard Zinn, "A Speech for LBJ,"
Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal.

Now, if LBJ, he of the Great Society, failed to give this speech, what the hell makes you think George W. "I Put Firecrackers In Toads As A Boy" Bush will do anything but
push for more carnage?

Don't be a suckah.

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I am totally with you girl.....110%!

Happy New Year to you!

they probably mean KRAFTING his Iraq policy.

he strikes me as the kinda guy that would wipe out hundreds or thousands with one slice of a cheese single. and you totally know an Iraq policy means "how i learned to stop worrying and love the genocide".

also, i would like to wish you and yours a happy happy new year. i don't know if i can withstand another year of all this bullshit!!
  • Posted at 7:13 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous


aif: another year of this bs is too much. Maybe I'll immigrate to India -- know any call centers or cab companies that are hiring (my skill set is rather limited, and I worked as an operator for years)?

you'd probably be lapped up by the call centre companies over here. immigration is a bit difficult, as you might expect for a nation of one billion people... we're trying to push people OUT, damnit!! :-P
  • Posted at 3:57 PM | By Anonymous almostinfamous


Tonight I'm knocking back some cough medicine with codeine.

All will be right in the world for one night.


I thought "Surge" was an energy drink.

I thought "Surge" was an energy drink.


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