Ghost of Gerald Ford To Dubya...

Ore : 8:00 AM

"Where's Squeaky Fromme when you need her?"

Let's have beer, and nachos, and watch impeachment proceedings...
Live, from Hades: "D'oh!"

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he was before my time, so i don't know much about him. but it seems like
good riddance to bad rubbish!

Ditto, AIF.

Nevertheless, it's funny because Patricia asked on her blog what we all thought when we first heard the news. While my response wasn't interesting, I did say about 2/3rd through the day yesterday I heard Dum Dum talk about Ford. It was kind of sweet, in a lame Dum Dum way. Then I wondered if anyone would be willing to lie and say that about Dum Dum when someone finally wakes up and assinates him. The best we could hope for is some outcast like Dan Rather. You know, after Dum Dum and Camp drove him from the media underworld he'd say it just to get back in good with the fellas.
What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Hinckley dinkly do!

Is funny, though not surprising, that I've got a sort o' opposite take on the story.

I've not posted on dude's death cuz of ambivalence vis-a-vie his life. From the story: ..." Kissinger would come in and say: "I've got to resign. I can't stand this kind of unfair criticism." Such threats were routine, Ford said. "I often thought, maybe I should say: 'Okay, Henry. Goodbye,' " Ford said, laughing. "But I never got around to that."

I mean, you gotta despise his rubbery spine, but how can you not appreciate his ability to recognize Hank's hubris and finally end the insanity in Vietnam?

"Built Ford Tough" kinda encapsulates it for me. That Inc. has both the most fuel efficient SUV yet made, and is profitably propped-up by their line of the most wasteful gas-guzzlin' non-commercial vehicles on the road. GM, like to the Decider, has only the latter, lesser claim to "fame".

Vivre le Klutz du morte!


Oh yah! And he was a helluva great footballer, too. Unfortunately - from my O.S.U Luckeye P.O.V. - it was for that team up north.

c'est la freakin' vie

MB: Never occured to me: Kissinger = Rumsfeld? Who'da thunk?

but it's still an SUV. a turd-pile by any other name.,,
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