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Plump arms folded over expensive Kevlar and camo. Buzzcut under backwards baseball cap. Wrap-around Oakleys (with the woven cord, bright blue.) Thin-lipped mouth framed by a sharply trained, bronze goatee. A chin-pussy, I'd call it. A bumper, he'd say. He wears a tiny yet conspicuous gold cross, and other weapons: a Desert Eagle (with which he once popped caps at a U.S. Marine, though he missed, and was never caught) and an M16.

His stance is proprietary and defiant. He owns this desert. He might be thinking of her, of his big-haired, glossy-taloned wife as she homeschools their tow-headed tots in that beige stucco McMansion in the 'burbs. Or maybe she is fucking the Mexican pool guy. Or maybe her head is bent in prayer under recessed lighting and a pebbled white ceiling as she sits in the plush, movie house-style seats of the local megachurch.

He might be, but it doesn't matter. He is here, among the sand-blasted derricks and pipes, the perpetual-motion oil pumps -- massive and obscene iron birds forever pecking and pecking.

This is his. He has conquered Babylon and earned a fortune doing it. This is his desert. These are his rocks.

This thug for Christ, this
blackwater patriot, this Promise Keeper mercenary.

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Comments for Character Sketch
Can you say, "Merry Impeachmas"?

I've heard a little of the article's particulars before. Georgie's just tryin' to protect his "ownership society", eh. How else is he s'posed to defend against insurgents in their own backyards?


Thanks for the info. Very well-said to boot, Teh. As usual.

I have a chin-pussy.

I'm going to ask this, and I'm going to regret it: why is it a "chin pussy?"
  • Posted at 9:29 PM | By Anonymous Robust McManlyPants

very well written! opening my eyes, daily. Thanks Teh!

That style of goatee that is one way in which 1996 will simply never go away.

Oh, well shit. I grew my goatee in 1995. Is it grandfathered in, or am I even more chingina'ed? I assure you, it looks much better than I looked when I had a moustache.

Moustaches are making a huge come-back. Check out my friend D's xmas pick at bachelor uncle (in my blogrollio.)

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