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Saddam is dead! Long live Muqtada!

Whew. Thank goodness that's over. It was so wonderful to wake up and turn on the news, and see that Iraq had become a paradise overnight!

Now, multiple choice question:

Who will be the next to swing?

Hugo Chavez

Kim Jong Il

Pat Robertson

Islom Karimov

Neil Bush

F. You

PS I hope you sent Rummy a condolences card...

Ah, old friend! So sad!

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Comments for Ding-dong!!!
G. Mahmoud Ahmadenijad

At least now that Saddam is dead, the people of Iraq will be greeting our soldiers with hugs and flowers instead of bullets.

I heart that photo.

Castro's time has to be up, if this is a dead pool.

nobody's gonna hang for Darfur, that's for sure
  • Posted at 5:48 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

Castro lives foevah!! Or at least until Bush is out. Please...pretty please with sugar on top.

You know that Kim Il Jung is already a swinger baby. You know it!

Happy New Year, Teh!

If I supported the death penalty, I'd vote Chavez, while secretly hoping for Robinson. Such is life. Nice to see you stopped by my site. Hope to see you again soon. Happy New Year!


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