Somebody Please

Ore : 10:06 PM

Buy this bitch a vodka tonic.

Go ask Alice...  When she was fucked up...
She's earned it.

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Comments for Somebody Please
Now what Star Trek episode is that picture from?!!

she should buy....I'd be happy to drink with her!

Oh, teh, you are a saucy one. Think about BF's contribution. Without her addiction and recovery master plan, there would be no blueprint for every VH1 Behind the Music.

"She had it, fame, the White House, and the President's schlong. But trouble was being served on the rocks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

LOL @ Brando

Teh, it's not nice to call a woman a bitch. Didn't your mother teach you this?

That is the episode where the Enterprise travels back in time to have sex with every First Wife ever in a massive orgy.

That episode taught me that Martha Washington was a freak and too much woman for ole George.

Ha ha brando said "sauce."

That poor woman. BF clinic be damned: bury the bastard already and buy her a drink!!!

PS @ ag: I could have called her a cnut. Better?

Didn't you mean CUNT? You typed cnut, but I think that you really meant to type CUNT. If you reverse the u & t in cnut, it spells CUNT.


I wish people still dressed like that. She's all Space Grandma.

Butchie and teh teh need to re-read Res' post on discussions of women and the use of offensive language.

Patriarchial cobagz!!

Seriously, who raised you two?!!

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