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"We have heard from the White House that in order to finally and truly win in Iraq we must have a 'surge' of troops -- a position which echoes the words of Bush Administration operatives and their advocates in the media who are always telling us 'We're turning a corner,' or 'Just another six months,' or 'Bear with us, we have a new way forward.' However, there comes a time when the excuses and procrastination must stop. A sober, independent re-evaluation of our mission and objectives in Iraq must be undertaken.

"We, the 110th Congress of the United States of America, cannot in good conscience support or condone an escalation of the hostilities in Iraq. As it is glaringly apparent that the violence in Iraq is fueled primarily by our continued presence in that country, so it follows that increasing troop levels will lead only to more carnage, to more loss of American and Iraqi lives, and to an increase in terrorist activities around the world.

"We cannot allow this president even one more mistake; we've seen enough. From General Colin Powell's self-admittedly fraudulent presentation to the U.N. Security Council, to the highly selective and flawed intelligence presented to this body in 2002 and 2003, to the alienation of our traditional allies, to the White House's disregarding generals' calls for more troops at the inception of the war, to the rampant looting of Iraq's archaelogical treasures, to the profiteering of American corporations and the corruption of the Coalition Provisional Authority, and to the horrors of Abu Ghraib and Haditha, we have had enough. No more.

"Remaining supporters of the invasion and occupation of Iraq maintain that we must continue fighting there, lest our troops' sacrifices have been made in vain. Our only response can be: How can this congress ask any man or woman to be the last soldier, the last marine, to die for a lie and a mistake?"

Now how hard would that little speech be to make? Go ahead, this is what we voted you into office for; you'd only be reflecting the views of about 60% of Americans anyway. What've you got to lose?

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Wouldn't it be nice if the representatives actually served as the voice of the people they represent. What a concept! Totally unAmerican though.

What've you got to lose?

Their corporate johns. Congress critters know that if they start representing the interests of the people over the interests of amassed wealth (this includes the banking system, the health 'insurance' racket, the military- and prison/industrial complexes, etc.), then their funds will be cut off and handed to those who will do the bidding. Our corporate media system is geared to protect the interests of amassed wealth with its mind-numbing consumerist propaganda, and the electorate is too steeped in self-imposed ignorance and apathy to get its collective fat ass off the sofa and look behind the curtain.

That's how we've managed to spiral so far downward; we're at the point where we have a barely literate, chickenshit, spoiled rotten, reactionary asshole occupying the highest 'elected' office in the 'free' world. The constitution has been reduced to a troublesome suggestion, and the last tattered veil has been removed from our now-completely-naked imperialism.

The only way I see out of this is for the 110th to aggressively pursue impeachment of Bush et al. That would be preceded, of course, by a complete severing of any military funding not related to getting the fuck out of Iraq yesterday. After the impeachment proceedings begin, another Dem-led committee could set upon the task of nationalizing health care, and heavily re-regulating our transportation and media systems. If you can break up the Clear Channels, the Disneys, and the other right-wing propaganda organs, you can start to break the spell of market-driven ignorance and apathy.

I'm dreaming out loud, of course.

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