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Shorter Erik Rush: "The right cannot hope to defeat the Marxist juggernaut of American leftism until it has its own George Soros -- a billionaire with the values of Cotton Mather."

Seriously, this was my first trip ever to
ChronWatch. And yes, it's trippy. These are people who feel they must maintain a watchdog attitude to the San Francisco Chronicle because the Chronicle, a corporatist-enabling creation of William Randolph Hearst, a paper by the way that is almost Althousian in its non-partisan vibe -- a paper that publishes Debra freakin' Saunders, for cryin' out loud -- is too left-wing for their liking. Really.

Also, I truly do Rush's piece a disservice in "shorter"-ing it, because you're missing out on some priceless gems. To wit:

As if the periodic mini-deprogramming sessions in which my wife and I have to engage as a result of our children attending public school isn't enough of a pain in the rear.

Christ, dinner at the Rush household must be a gas:

[DAD] "No, our ancestors did not infect the Indians with syphilis and smallpox; that's just liberal propaganda."
[JUNIOR] "So where did the diseases come from?"
[DAD] "They were God's punishment for the heathen redskins, and part of His plan to make room for righteous Christians. Now pass the potatoes."

I bet you a dozen of Winchell's assorted that his kids either run away in high school or try to murder Erik in his sleep.

As for his central "point," it's too idiotic to merit attention. Does any right-winger, left-winger, or anyone in between, need it pointed out that for every George Soros the right has 20 Rupert Murdochs?

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I've been to America, and there can't be any Marxists there.

I know because they spent fifteen minutes in customs asking me whether I was one, or whether I was actually a terrorist.

In fairness, they let me go, but sadly I got shot in the street outside due to a loophole in the law on machine gun sales.

Nice hospitals, though.

Ah, ChronWatch...always a reliable source of hilarious wingnuttery. I've written about them on occasion myself.

I think their derangement is in direct proportion to their relative marginalization in the otherwise mostly liberal Bay Area. Poor Jim Sparkman--even his man Pombo is now gone (he lives in San Ramon, IIRC). Isn't that sad?

The right cannot hope to defeat the Marxist juggernaut of American leftism until it has its own George Soros....

Er, these people don't count?

Roy Edroso constantly posts on how sad these people's lives must be when EVERYTHING is a political statement.

I loooove alicublog.

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