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Fags r funnie.

(Yes, this cartoon makes me want to forkum someone's cox, and then to pluck out my eyes. Who are these people and why does God see fit to situate their lives so that they might continue to pay rent?)

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Happy New Year, Teh! I've recovered from my horrible cough and am finally getting around to people's blogs.

How have you been?

Oh, you know, hanging in there.

Hope you stay better!

So I'm going to show a little weakness here and ask if that cartoon was meant to be ironic in a the wingers are so stupid that they think their kids will be playing gay cowboys kind of way?

BTW it pays to push refresh here at Freedom Camp. Until I did that it appeared there were no new comments/posts.

gregor, that's the way most people will see it. for the other 30%, i bet it's side-splitting.
  • Posted at 9:05 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

YES! Shift + "Refresh" is your friend!

let's declare a "gaywah" on that idiot cartoonist

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