When You're Familiar With Her Work...

Ore : 7:06 AM

...Renew America's Marie Jon's's headlines can be compelling -- nay, seizure-inducing.

Insane is this year's periwinkle...
While we sit in our comfortable homes...

...Illegal Mexislamofascists are creeping over our backyard fences?

...Truckloads of fetuses aborted by liberals are making their way to Canada to feed the hoppers in socialist gay-conversion serum factories?

...Osama bin Laden is secretly picking our children up from school and taking them to the boardwalk for rollercoaster rides and sweet treats just to "
show us what he can do"???


Relax, though, it's one of her more subdued pieces: Apparently, soldiers aren't dying in Iraq and here from wounds they received from IEDs and insurgent bullets, or from psychological wounds that drive them to suicide; nor are they dying because they're fighting a war that didn't need to happen, the instigation of which was based on the baldest lies, and that has been ineptly prosecuted from the beginning.

No, American soldiers are dying because
there are now Americans in high places who oppose Bush's ad hoc policies and shifting raionales.

According to
Gavin's psychotic mistress, this suicide note:

" 'As you know, there are more people waiting for me to pull this trigger than there are waiting on my return to the states,' " Crutchfield wrote in a portion of the message intended for his mother.

" 'I'm done hurting. All my life I've been hurting ... end this pain, ' Crutchfield wrote at the end of his two-page message."

...was written not because Spc. Crutchfield was suffering a huge amount of pain and confusion due to the killing he was ordered to do, not because he suffered trauma from his experiences in war, but because Nancy Pelosi said "No" to a surge. Really.

Never doubt that stupidity' can' kill'''.


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Comments for When You're Familiar With Her Work...
I like the new sexy picture of her on newsbull. Skanky and the reason NAMBLA is limited to boys. That's all AG is sayin'.

Truckloads of fetuses aborted by liberals are making their way to Canada to feed the hoppers in socialist gay-conversion serum factories

You know it. "Babies--the other other white meat."

I think Marie Jon has said "no" to her share of surges.

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