Post For a Humorless Liberal

Ore : 5:08 PM

Man, those liberals and Greens and environmentalists and feminists and stuff sure can't take a joke. Dour, dour, dour! Oh well, at least this one's cute. You should read his blog, if only for that...

Get it?  Doctor???

(Dedicated to the hunky Dex who should totally get a subscription to God's Girls. PhotoShop stolen from SomethingAwful.)

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Comments for Post For a Humorless Liberal
i'm a comnist
where should i post?

in the lowercase is a good place to start.

That photoshop took me a second. Then, God, No. Not the holodeck.

Humorless Liberal is redundant. It's like Compassionate Conservative. Or Sensible Conservative. Or Conservative Who Doesn't Make Me Physically Ill When He or She Talks.

you're like the audrey horne of teh internets, with your big doe eyes and blush-inducing posts.

as god's other tennantasked: what have i/what have i/what have i done to deserve this?

pc: In Pravda!!!

md: Don't you love those episodes where "Oh noez!!1!! Teh holodeck's developed a life-/ship-/Wesley Crusher-threatening malfunction!!!"

snag: Or faith-based charity.

dex: Just being you, baby.

it's bigger on the inside.


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