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A challenge to all the rightist/conservative/libertarian/"moderate"/"non-partisan" law professors and experts out there: please make a case for why the Pentagon should be considered not just a component of the military, and as such, an extension of the Executive Branch's power, but an authority over the Judicial and Leglislative branches, as well. Cite support in the Constitution and from among legal precedents, and show your work.

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Liberal Avenger, but they're not going to do anything about it because I flipped for the CIA and now Auguste's boxcar slot is already booked.)

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I could only make it a couple of paragraphs into that AP story. Jesus. Executions based on hearsay and coerced confessions.

The return of witch trials is the next step. In fact, it's hard to say how this Pentagon proposal is any different.

How many divisions do the Judicial and Legislative branches have?

Will the gas chambers be under Pentagon control, or a private contractor?

A flowchart is required. I suck at flowcharts.

I firmly believe we need to cryogenically freeze all involved until we can read minds. Karl Rove First.

Will the gas chambers be under Pentagon control, or a private contractor?

Gas chambers are so passé.

Obviously, a military contractor will develop a sentient killing fog that will be dispersed over hostile terrain.

now you know why glenn r. fellates the NRA. he needs the guns in case the milatari comes for him

Glen R. is also passe.

I note the righties are not overhear making suggestions...

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