He Ought To Know About a Sense of Entitlement

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My fragment:

Finally, to keep this economy strong we must take on the challenge of entitlements. Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are commitments of conscience — and so it is our duty to keep them permanently sound.
First of all, we're all well aware that Republicans' view on "entitlements" (not social safety nets, not -- eek! -- welfare, but entitlements) is that their challenge is to eliminate them entirely without pissing off too many Americans, right? Good, now that that's out of the way: notice how he refers to these programs as "commitments of conscience"? The man's speechwriters are about as subtle as gakked out tranny hookers bawling and balling up and down Polk Street. Get it right, fellow Americans. These programs are not examples of our all of us, rich and poor, pulling together to level the playing field for everyone. These are crumbs brushed off of robber barons' tables -- offhanded noblesse oblige. And don't you dare criticize the way the ruling class (multimillionaires like Bush and Cheney among them) disseminate their crumbs, or else...

If you subscribe to any other definition, you may as well move to Cuba and join a co-op.

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Comments for He Ought To Know About a Sense of Entitlement
They are my entitlement as a tax payer and citizen. I pay into Medicare and Social Security.

What I don't pay into is bullshit presidents and war. That is not an entitlement. Al Gore would agree on the first, at the very least.

did you see Nancy behind him biting her lips on several occasions?

Nancy, Bea, deserves a bit of disapprobation for refusing to impeach Bush.

But anyway: welcome: Everyone from the Netherlands is welcome at Freedom Camp!!

Thanks for the warm welcome. Coming from the NL I sometimes have no idea of what's reasonable to ask for or not. Just let me say that if all goes to hell one should just move to my home country.

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