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CNN and FOX seem to be skirting around what to me is the most important aspect of the Wilson/Plame/Libby/Rove debacle, what with their main Guest Pez Dispensers being Republican operatives given free rein to frame the case as a Conservative-versus-Liberal partisan smackdown.

Too many seem to be missing a fundamental and disturbing point: not only did the Bush people simply lie about their reasons for this war, they lied about their very motivations. They played as though war was of course a last resort; they lied when they said nobody wants war -- they wanted it. And any later-proven-accurate assessments and predictions were brushed off, laughed away as unserious; anyone who opposed them suffered the nastiest sorts of character assassination; any evidence which undermined their case for war was quashed.

What kind of leaders are those for whom war -- a course these particular leaders really had no native ability to navigate anyway -- for whom war is desirable, and is the first and best option?

The crime of Patrick Wilson was one of naïveté, and possibly stupidity. He looked evil in its gnarled, crooked-mouthed face, and overestimated the decency that lay behind. Dick Cheney's crimes beggar description.

PS As for the newest tempest in a cable news teapot AKA "
Sharia! At The Cab Stand"? Give me a break. Muslim cab drivers refusing to transport passengers carrying liquor:Christian pharmacists refusing to dole out "Plan B"::Navel:Valencia.

(That's not to say it isn't a bunch of bullshit. Many many millions of Muslims around the world themselves drink, or feel about alcohol roughly the same as most Christians or Hindus or Buddhists or FSM worshippers. The few Muslims who are making a big stink about this are just as bad as their Cafeteria Christian counterparts.)

PPS I am exhausted, as my nightmares were riddled with the ghastly, cruel visage of Bindi Irwin. Why won't you die, you little demon??? WHY????

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Well now, point taken, but you might be underestimating the fondness for alcohol that we have in the fold of the FSM, I mean, what's a noodly appendage without some red wine (or gin)?

Ah, mea gulpa.

What's wrong with Bindi? She just wants to be as helpful as her dad.

Also, I totally agree with you on the cabbies and pharmacists point. I also think that both positions are outrageous.

If we can get rid of Cheney with this Libby thing, then we can impeach Bush and Pelosi will be Preznit. YAY

How's this for a trio of terror?


Oh, and maybe an occasional kid from teh Welch's grape juice commericals.

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