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Everything in Iraq would have been fine were it not for naysayers in the media. Dick Cheney: the premier author of the new Dolchstosslegende.

PS Dick, if you're allied with and work your ass off for a political movement intent on ensuring gays and lesbians continue to be second-class citizens in their own country, you don't get to call Blitzer "
out of line" with his questions -- you do not get a pass, asshole.

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dick cheney reminds me of eric cartman.

a scary, pissed-off, grown-up, finger-on-the-red-button eric cartman.
  • Posted at 8:02 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous

Stupid MSM, ruining everything.

Can you imagine what holidays are like at the Cheney household? Dick snarls and tears into a raw turkey with his bare hands while Lynne stands on the front porch shrieking at the neighbors. Mary bursts into tears and runs from the room, while Heather quietly gets drunk and wonders why she ever agreed to come along. The Family Circus on crank.

that asshole should have answered the damn question, what a hypocrite.

Excellent call-out of Cheney on Blitzer.

Freakin' clueless sadistic . . . arrgh!

Cheney has no defense for his administration's positions or his hypocrisy, so he attacks Blitzer.

The best defense is a good offense.

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